LOVE {YARN} LETTERS Do it yourself

You'll need:  

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Yarn of different colors 
  • Letter of your choice made on a board 

    Step by Step :

  • Loop your yarn into 2″ segments, then cut the loops with scissors to create several small pieces of yarn.
  • Take 6-8 pieces of yarn at a time and group them together.
  • Apply a generous amount of hot glue on the edge of you letter – enough to cover the width of your 8 pieces of yarn – a little less than 1 inch. Place the yarn on the glue and press down quickly. Make sure the pieces are nice and snuggled together so you get a tightly wrapped look.
  •  Once the top has been glued down, the ends of the yarn will be sticking out. Just trim them evenly, leaving enough room to glue them down on the sides.
  • You only need to cover the edge to the point where the actual wrapping will begin.
  • Once all 3 sections have been wrapped vertically, you will start at the top of the letter and wrap in the other direction – horizontally
  • Finally you’re done!  

    Source: sistersuitcaseblog. com