Rangoli Do it yourself

Step 1 : 

Designing Your Rangoli

Choose the design you want to use- 
Rangoli can be made in any number of designs, but whether you choose a simple or complex design, most are symmetrical. You can use a plant or animal for inspiration, or you can create your own geometric design
Decide where to draw your Rangoli- You can draw it on a flat, dry floor inside or outside of your home, or you can draw it on paper to display anywhere
Sketch the design outline on paper- Use a pencil and eraser to practice drawing the outline of your Rangoli on black or white paper.
Draw your design outline in chalk on the floor.

Step 2 :

Thicken the outline of your design with white chalk- 
This is good for beginners, as the white chalk helps cleanly and clearly define the borders of the design. 
Give dimension to your outline with a white, textured material
Choose the materials you will use to fill in your design-Rangoli can be filled in with any number of colorful household materials like spices and grains, or with store-bought materials like pre-colored Rangoli powder.

Step 3 : 

Fill the inside of your Rangoli with your chosen materials- 
Use the paper cone or your fingers to completely fill your Rangoli with the chosen materials. This is the most interesting step, and usually the most fun.
Mix different textures and colors in your design - 
Using a variety of colors and dimensions will enhance the artistic nature of the final design. The variety is what gives the Rangoli its wow factor.
Add the final touches- Place some candles and clay pot-lanterns around your finished Rangoli to light up your design.