Square Pallet Picture Frame

Square Pallet Picture Frame Do it yourself

Step 1 : Take apart the pallet wood very carefully.
Step 2 : Cut the wood. We cut 4 boards 18 ” long and 4 boards 11″ long to create an 18″ square picture frame wreath.
Step 3 : In order to create a square pallet picture frame. We connected 4 boards to the bottom and 4 to the top so we could nail it through the front. Nail the pallet wood together to form your square pallet picture frame.
Step 4 : Sand everything down so the wood is smooth to the touch.
Step 5 : Hang it up. I also hung a small mason jar with a swig of wheat grass to give it a fall farmhouse feel. For tips on a simple way to hang a mason jar check out my mason jar lantern post.