Daily Horoscope

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 19


A short and sweet conversation early in the day will plant the seeds for some interesting ideas in your head. These should blossom over the course of the day. Your mind is in an especially curious phase right now, and it will love digging into these new options or schemes. You should feel free to explore all their nuances so that you can get an idea of whether or not you will pursue them any further. Today is all about choosing a path. Don't take any steps just yet.

Taurus Apr 20 - May 20


Someone who holds some power over you might have a vested interest in discouraging you from moving forward with your goals, but they can't stop you, and that's what is important. You can't worry about the feelings or worries of others. Just worry about yourself. If you act too cautiously, right now, you'll be forced to go too slowly. Fast action is required, even if it might ruffle a few feathers. It's much better to ask for forgiveness later than ask for permission now.

Gemini May 21 - Jun 20


If you've been playing a totally flirtatious game with a certain someone, be aware that it may need to come to a screeching halt today. You're about to find out that they aren't exactly as available as you thought they were! It's not worth your energy to chase after something that you'll never have. So turn your flirty energy toward somebody else. Lavish them with positive attention and give them a reason to smile. Your heart is bigger than even you realize.

Cancer Jun 21 - Jul 22


If you're going to be at a party or networking get-together, don't spend all of your time trying to score points with that certain cutie or influential person. If you do, you'll be missing the entire point of the event! Parties are supposed to be places where you can relax and have fun. If you only see them as routes to getting closer to someone you think can make things better in your life, then you're selling yourself short. Have no ulterior motives.

Leo Jul 23 - Aug 22


One of your friends is being extremely indecisive right now, and it could be delaying some exciting social plans. Light a fire under them today and let them know that everyone is waiting for them to make up their mind and commit to a date, location, or some other important detail. It's up to you to wrangle your group together, just like it usually is! Right now you've got a way of making people do what you want without making them feel bossed around.

Virgo Aug 23 - Sep 22


You can change the minds of some influential people today. All you have to do is get a little bit of face time with each of them. Use your warm charm and some cold logic to enlighten these people. They don't know all the facts of the situation, and it's up to you to educate them. They're letting their own desires cloud their thinking, and you have to show them that by agreeing with you they're helping themselves just as much as the cause you believe in.

Libra Sep 23 - Oct 22


Wanting to try new things is admirable, but today you should talk about new things. The same old topics of conversation just aren't cutting it, so it's time for you and your conversational skills to move into newer, greener pastures. There's someone in your life who always has something interesting to say, and they're who you should talk to first. Even if you don't know them very well, you should strike up a conversation and see where it goes. You have nothing to lose.

Scorpio Oct 23 - Nov 21


This is not a day to gloss over unusual minor details. If something brings up a red flag, no matter how small it may be, you need to pay attention to it! Is your car making a funny sound? Don't just turn the music up louder, look into it! Is a friend acting out of character? Don't just assume they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Ask them what's wrong. And if you're having a physical ache or pain, don't just take an aspirin and hope it goes away. Schedule your next checkup!

Sagittarius Nov 22 - Dec 21


Sure, you know that you're totally right about how to fix a problem everyone's freaking out about, but your ideas are going to fall on deaf ears right now. It's not that people don't want to solve things, it's just that they're a little too wrapped up in their own egos to open their minds to what you have to say. So your course of action is simple: cut them out of the equation. Go over their heads and make things happen without their blessing. The outcome is up to you now.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 19


Today an average exchange of ideas will generate a sublime experience in your life, so be open to talking to anyone at any time. During an everyday email, text, or voicemail you should try to get a little bit more creative. Add a dash or two of your special brand of wit and you'll inspire other people to do the same. Express yourself honestly and show everyone you encounter today just how unique you are. Don't be afraid to raise a few eyebrows.

Aquarius Jan 20 - Feb 18


Today, you will be syncing up with a lot of different types of people, and they'll stimulate your creativity. This means it's a great time for you to start building a foundation for something unique and new in your life. Now is the time to take your craziest germ of an idea and bring it out into the world. It's likely to get quite a positive reception. You are well poised to gather many different types of admirers who think that your way of doing things is pretty special.

Pisces Feb 19 - Mar 20


The greatest thing about the energy you'll be feeling today is that it gives you all the focus you need to take the most complicated ideas and make them simple enough for anyone to understand. That makes today a wonderful day for teaching people things or showing someone how to do something. You are a born teacher, although you rarely get the chance to play that role to your full potential. You can communicate with others in a way no one else can.