Top 10 Fitness Training Tips For Beginners

Top 10 Fitness Training Tips For Beginners Health & Fitness

Be Clear On Your Intentions & Commit To A Specific Goal

All of the worlds greatest achievements were attained through clear intent and a solid, unwavering commitment to a specific goal. You’ve got to truly decide what it is that you really want and go for it, without looking back. My advice to you is to sit down in front of a sheet of paper and write down and even draw what you want. Collect pictures of what you want from anywhere you can find. Now take all those things and put them together in a large picture frame or bulletin board, and hang it up somewhere where you’ll see it everyday. That my friend, is a Vision Board!

*No one ever learned how to swim with only half their body in the water.

Choose A Mode Of Training That Aligns With Your Goal

Your goal and intention serve as the direction in which you move. Your mode of training will determine how efficiently you move toward your goal. When you’re choosing a mode of training, think about how that mode of training relates to your goal. If you’re trying to get strong, you wouldn’t really want to spend most of your time on a cardio machine, just like if you were trying to drop body fat, you wouldn’t have a diet of sugary, toxic foods.

*When crossing a body of water, bring the boat, not the bus.

Make A Training & Nutrition Schedule

You got to get organized! Not having an organized schedule means guaranteed failure. The same way you have to be to work on time, is the same way you have to train and eat on time. Before you even step foot in a gym or pick up a weight, sit down and make a daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual schedule. Go out and get a planner and start filling that thing out!

*Our entire solar system runs on a set schedule, so why shouldn’t you?

Learn How To Program For Yourself

Programming is the science behind how to manipulate cause and effect. Sets, Reps, Tempo, Effort, are just a few factors in programming. Familiarize yourself with what works and use it. The better you get at your programming and understanding how it works, the easier it will be to get any result you want. The knowledge of programming is one of the main components to breeding a champion.

*The worlds greatest technology is valued by the effectiveness of its programming.

Learn Proper Technique & Habits

I see people all the time, in every gym, struggling along in such painful fashion, due to terrible technique. Don’t be that person who looks like an idiot because you never took the time to learn how to do it the right way. Bad technique results in failure, frustration, injury, and humiliation. Get coaching from someone who actually knows what they’re doing and knows how to teach form.

*You wouldn’t get on the road and drive without a license, so why would you get in the gym and fool around without training?

Be Consistent

Consistency is a major component to success. The little habits you have and efforts you make on a day to day basis have a compounding effect, which add up over time. Consistency builds momentum and momentum converts into ease of progressive movement. The only grind you should have is the big push in the beginning, in order to develop good habits, but once you have those good habits, your process becomes subconscious. F.Y.I it takes 21 days to develop a habit.

*Its like pushing a car. The worst thing you can do is stop pushing and then start again.

Stick To The Basics

My years in coaching has made it quite clear to me that simplicity is the most efficient way to create a positive result. Its very difficult to maintain any kind of consistency with something that’s complicated. Most people get burnt out and quit on complicated routines because we as human beings can only keep up with and process so much at a time. Any great mentor will tell you to follow the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid)

*Not even something as complicated as juggling is possible without a simplifying method.

Do Not Get Side Tracked By More Advanced Training

The biggest struggle with sticking to the basics is distractions. Let’s say you see someone in the gym who looks like what you’d kill to be and they’re doing something advanced and amazing. You think to yourself, “What if I started doing what they’re doing? Maybe I’d be like them and reach my goal faster!” I don’t blame you for having the thought, but understand that they didn’t start with that, they had to earn the right to do that advanced training by nailing the simple stuff first. Take your time and be patient, you’ll get there.

*Don’t be the cat chasing the laser pointer.

Cultivate A Positive State & Stay In It

Living the Strength & Wellness Lifestyle is all about staying in the state that allows you to do so. Your thinking dictates everything you do, so its important to control what thoughts enter into your head on a daily basis. There is no room for self doubt, jealousy, frustration, or laziness. Be conscious of the shows and music you watch and listen to and make sure you’re not loading your mind with useless garbage. Read and educate yourself daily, listen to personal development and mindset audios daily.

*You wouldn’t willingly choose to drink dirty water, so why would you willing choose to consume dirty thoughts.

Be Relentless

I don’t know how to explain this other than saying, “Be Relentless!” Go hard for what you want and never let go! I don’t care how tough your life is, DO NOT QUIT!!!

*No one has ever celebrated a quitter!