Top 10 Vitamins You Should Include in Your Diet

Top 10 Vitamins You Should Include in Your Diet Health & Fitness

What we consume internally and externally effects our mind, body and soul. Vitamins come in many forms that help the body achieve a sound physical and mental health. You incorporate vitamins in your system by including them in your diet, applying them to your skin, or simply, taking a walk under the sun. The benefits that come with various vitamins are too many to count, which is why they are essential for you. Let us look at the top 10 vitamins that your body needs.

Vitamin A

Also known as retinol, vitamin A primarily ensures a healthy vision since it helps protect the cornea, which is the surface of the eye. It is also essential for the immune system since it helps in the development of the mucous membrane. Furthermore, retinol is also found in many skincare products since it helps tighten the skin and prevents aging. Some of the best sources of vitamin A include carrots and spinach.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1, or Thiamine, has the primary purpose of helping the body utilize carbohydrates to provide energy. It also promotes the healthy functioning of the nervous system. Hereby, proper nerve transmission is ensured throughout the cells. A great source of vitamin B1 is found in sunflower seeds.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2, or Riboflavin, helps the body break down and utilize three micro nutrients. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are all broken down to make amino acids and glucose so that they can be used by the body. Furthermore, it also has the function of promoting a healthy skin complexion. One glass of milk is an excellent source of vitamin B2.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, or Niacin, is responsible for producing energy and ensuring a healthy nervous system. Additionally, it also helps maintain a smooth digestive system. An great source of vitamin B3 is chicken breast, along with turkey breast, halibut and tuna.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants and helps fight off colds. In this way, it helps safeguard the immune system and prevents any viruses from entering or harming the body. In addition, it also maintains the right connecting tissue throughout the tendons and cartilage in the body. Broccoli and strawberries are great sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is provided to us directly by the sun which is why it is also referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”. The human body creates the vitamin itself with enough exposure to the sun. The vitamin primarily helps absorb calcium and phosphorus in the body to ensure healthy bones and teeth. Milk, eggs and salmon are great sources of vitamin D.

Vitamine E

Vitamin E, like vitamin C, is high in antioxidants, whereby it helps in the smooth running of the nervous and immune systems. It also helps purify blood and foresees a proper blood flow. Furthermore, it helps repair the body tissues, whereby it is an essential vitamin for restoring and recovering your body’s health. Sunflower seeds, olives, spinach and papaya are excellent sources of vitamin E.


Biotin is an essential vitamin that allows your body to utilize all the other minerals and nutrients as much as possible. It also helps maintain a healthy supply of red blood cells, thereby ensuring a smooth oxygen transportation throughout the body. However, biotin may not be found in excessive quantities in food alone, which is why it is best to take multivitamins.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid is a vital vitamin, particularly for women during pregnancy or those who are trying to become pregnant. It prevents birth defects which is why it is an essential ingredient available in almost all pre-natal vitamins. Additionally, it also helps reproduce new body cells and prevents anemia. Lentils is proven to be one of the best sources of folic acid.

Vitamin K

Lastly. Vitamin K should be included in your diet since it helps with the clotting of blood. It prevents blood thinning and is essential to have if you accidentally cut yourself. Kale is an excellent source of vitamin K, as well as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and spinach.

All in all, we see that these vitamins form a major component of a healthy diet. It is a good idea to include these vitamins in our daily lives to ensure a high quality of food and a healthy lifestyle.