Fish crumble

Fish crumble Food Recipe

35g of butter at room temperature
25g of flour
greaseproof paper, aluminium foil or silicone foil
50g breadcrumbs
2 tomatoes (or a can of peeled tomatoes)
1 courgette
1 onion
olive oil
2 white fish fillets (haddock, cod, etc.)

Preheat the oven to 200°C (th 6-7).
In a bowl, prepare the crumble mixture: mix the breadcrumbs and flour with the thyme, salt and pepper. Add the butter with your fingertips and mix until you have a sandy dough.
Peel and cut the onion into thin strips.
Wash and cut the courgette into thin slices.
In a frying pan with a little olive oil, fry the onions, add the courgette slices. Then add the tomatoes cut into small pieces (I used peeled tomatoes, but you can of course use fresh tomatoes).
Add salt and pepper.
When the water in the tomatoes has almost evaporated, the vegetables are ready.
Place the vegetables in the foil or on a square of aluminium foil.
Place the fish fillet on top of the vegetables and spread the crumble mixture over the fish, packing it well.
Drizzle with a little olive oil.
Close the foil or aluminium foil and put in the oven for 25 minutes.
The crumble should be golden and hard.