Gato Patate

Gato Patate Food Recipe

Ingredients (makes 25)

1 kg sweet potatoes,

4 tablespoons white flour,

250 grams grated coconut,

250 grams white sugar,

1 teaspoon vanilla essence,

Oil for deep frying.


Wash the sweet potatoes and boil until sufficiently cooked for mashing. Test by pricking with a fork. Peel the sweet potatoes and mash the flesh together until a uniformly smooth paste is obtained. Allow to cool.

Mix grated coconut with vanilla essence and sugar. Cover with cling wrap and allow to sit.

Sprinkle the flour to the sweet potatoes and work to a smooth dough. Use some more flour if necessary.

Make 30 dough balls. Roll individual balls into rounds, half centimetre thick and six centimetres in diameter.

Place in the centre of each round a little of the coconut filling. Fold into semicircular shape and seal edges with the back of a fork.

Deep fry over a medium heat until light brown.

Allow to cool and enjoy.

Will keep for a few days if placed in an air tight container.



Madeleine's recipe : Gateau Patate

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