Kulfi Ice Cream

Kulfi Ice Cream Food Recipe


4 x 375ml cans of evaporated milk
300 grams of caster sugar
50 grams finely chopped blanched almonds
50 grams finely chopped pistachios



Place the milk in a deep enough saucepan and mix in the caster sugar.
Over medium-low heat, warm up the milk until all the caster sugar is thoroughly dissolved. Stir constantly to avoid burning.
When the sugar is completely dissolved, add the finely chopped pistachios and blanched almonds. You may add some raisins Mix in well.
Place the mixture in dariole or ice cream moulds. Make sure that the finely chopped almonds and pistachios are equally distributed. Put in the freezer overnight to firm up.
Unmould by dipping the base of each mould in warm water.
Turn out onto serving plates.



Madeleine's recipe : Kulfi Ice Cream

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