Spring rolls with raw vegetables and shrimps

Spring rolls with raw vegetables and shrimps Food Recipe

8 rice cakes
150 grams of carrots
8 green salad leaves
16 small peeled prawns
80 grams of rice vermicelli nest
8 mint leaves

Place the rice noodles in boiling water. Leave them for 5 minutes before draining them.
Grate the carrots
Prepare a large deep dish of warm water and a damp cloth to use as a work surface.
Soak the rice cakes in the warm water (one after the other) and drain them on your cloth.
Place some rice vermicelli, grated carrots and a leaf of salad folded in half on the top of the rice cake.
On the other end of the rice cake, place 2 shrimps and a mint leaf in the middle.
Fold the left and right edges of the rice cake over the filling and gently roll it up into a spring roll.
Enjoy your rolls with soy sauce or chilli sauce.