Star Fruit Pickle

Star Fruit Pickle Food Recipe


5 caramboles (star fruits)
2 tablespoons black mustard seeds,
2 tablespoons crushed garlic,
1 tablespoon turmeric powder,
Optional (sliced green chillies according to taste),
juice of one lemon
10 tablespoons of vegetable oil (preferably mustard oil),
1 large onion finely chopped,
2 tablespoons white vinegar,
Salt to taste.


Clean carambole fruits. Slice off any unsightly bits. Slice and cut into serve size pieces. Refer to photo. Remove all seeds and attached piths. If using green chillies, slice and cut the chillies into serve size pieces. Remove seeds and attached piths.
Drop carambole and chilli pieces in hot boiling salted water, with the juice one lemon added. Allow water to start boiling again and blanch for one minute, until slightly cooked but still crisp. The lemon juice will preserve the colour of the carambole pieces.
Remove from boiling water, wash with cold water to cool down the carambole and chilli pieces, drain and allow to dry out.
Blend mustard seeds, turmeric powder with garlic and a little water.
Heat oil, fry onion until transparent. Add the mustard/garlic/turmeric paste and some salt. Stir fry for one minute until cooked.
Add vegetables and green chillies, mix well until well coated. Remove from heat.
Allow to cool and stir in the vinegar.
Place in dry jars and store in refrigerator.
Enjoy as an appetiser with dishes like haricots rouges and bouillon bredes on rice.



Madeleine's recipe : Star Fruit Pickle

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