Steamed tapioca cake

Steamed tapioca cake Food Recipe

1 kg Grated Tapioca/Cassava
200 ml Coconut Cream
600 ml Water
12 TBsp Sugar
5 leaves Pandan
1/2 tsp Red food colouring optional
1/2 tsp Green food colouring optional

1/2 kg White Grated Coconut Brown Skin of the coconut removed
1/2 tsp Salt

Wash the pandan leaves and bundle it together.

In a pot, boil 600 ml of water, 12 TBsp of sugar and the pandan leaves until the sugar is completely dissolved. Remove and discard the pandan leaves.
Pour the mixture over the tapioca and give it a stir until well incorporated.
Add in the coconut milk to the tapioca and continue stirring to incorporate coconut milk.
Transfer the tapioca mixture into a 20cm (8") baking tin and spread it out evenly.
Add water to a wok and bring to a boil. Place the tapioca on the steaming rack and steam for 20 mins over medium high heat with cover on.
Remove the tapioca and let it cool completely before cutting.
Once the tapioca is cooled completely, use a plastic spatula to cut the tapioca into either diamond or square shapes.
Meanwhile, place the white grated coconut in a plate and add in 1/4 tsp salt and mix well.
Place the grated coconut in the wok and steam for about 10-15 mins. Remove and let it cool.
Place the cut sections of tapioca onto the plate of grated coconut and coat each piece evenly.
Transfer the steamed tapioca cake to a platter. Best serve when it is chilled.